Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Randi's Reality: One Woman's Perspective from Behind Bars

I thought I'd take a break from posting my own personal story of recovery from an abusive childhood and introduce you to Randi, a woman about the same age as me who is the sister of a friend of mine. Randi was arrested and charged with Distribution of Methamphetamine in July 2008. Randi is serving a sentence of 5-20 years in federal prison.

Randi comes from a strong family. As her sister, Shauna, writes, "Randi is funny, witty, smart – oh yeah, and in jail. Randi and I grew up in the Dallas area. She may not be what you always pictured a drug-dealer to be. She was a cheerleader in high school. We grew up in the Church of Christ (a Bible based Christian church) – she attended summer after summer of church camp. We are part of a loving family – our parents are still married after over 27 years of marriage. I hope Randi's story is convicting to you. Drugs can infiltrate the strongest of families – we have to get informed and proactive to fight this growing epidemic." (italicized words my own)

I ask you to read Randi's story today. Randi's sister, Shauna, has set up a website where she updates Randi's story, letters from Randi and other incarcerated women, and supports her sister with unconditional love through Randi's trials. The purpose of Randi's Reality is to educate others on the consequences of drugs and ultimately to give others hope and love who have dealt with this very subject as either a victim of drugs or a bystander.

Randi's story has certainly given me a new perspective on family and life.

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