Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How I Became the Screwed Up Texan

The conversation went something like this the spring of 2008:

Me: "Shelly, our families are so screwed up,"

Shelly: "I know...there's always so much drama going on,"

Me: "Tell me about it--You-Know-Who wants money, So-and-So is a bum, What's-His-Name did such and such, and What's-Her-Nuts can't keep her head on her shoulders,"

Shelly: "We should write a book on our family. You know, like a memoir or something,"

Me: "We would have so much to write about. Where would we start? Would it be some sort of confessional?"

Shelly: "We could call it Confessions of a Chaotic Family,"

Me: "Or how about Confessions of a Screwed Up Family?"

Laughter. We laughed about everything.

Shelly: "I still think the bar regulars in Davis, Oklahoma were the couldn't have written a better story about that,"

Me: "Tell me about it..."

So here you have it: Fresh Confessions of a Screwed Up Texan--the blog. Titled, in part, after an inside joke of my late sister's and mine. Every time some new drama happened in the family, Shelly and I would call each other up and proclaim that we should "add it to the book." Usually afterwards, laughter would ensue between us. It was all we needed to say to make us feel okay with the fact that we were not all that normal.

I haven't shared a lot of what makes me really "Screwed Up," but believe me it is hiding in me and waiting to come out. Partially, I don't share all of the reasons I find myself and my family chaotic and screwed up because I worry that most people don't want to hear me really get down and dirty and get real for real.

Over the next year, I'll probably share with you some of my life experiences that make me who I am, but I want to be positive and enlightening in my story-telling...not depressive and dull. When I figure out how to say what I want to say, I'll share.

Until then, I am sure I will have many more experiences that I can "add to the book."

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Ashley Ann said...

Please do share! I have loved reading about your life. I especially loved the post about the women you were named after. I think that the reality is that most women are quite complex and that we rarely feel accepted. Thank you for being so open and honest.